Generation Kids

Jun 19, 2019

Each Wednesday afternoon we will post a new family lesson.

Jesus' Power Calms Our Fears

Scripture: (Mark 4:35-41)
Supplies: bowl of water, towel, transparent tape, table



Let’s close by drawing closer to Jesus and talking with him! Think of someone who helps you when you’re scared…maybe someone in your family! When I pause in my prayer, call out their name! God, we thank you for ______________. We’re thankful that when we feel scared, they help us by ________ (pause for a while). In Jesus’ name, amen.


Every week, we’re going to draw a picture to add to a thankful journal. You can use a notebook or just staple a bunch of paper together to make a book. Being thankful takes our eyes off of what we’re scared of and helps us see Jesus’ power instead. It’s one way Jesus’ power calms our fears. This week, draw the person you just thanked God for. Or draw Jesus! Put today’s date on your picture so you can look back at your journal later. Pause the video while you do that.

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