You Can Have The Advantage

Dec 10, 2018
On a daily basis, bad news is delivered. News stories are filled with depravity, sickness, disease, and brokenness. Our inboxes are overflowing with prayer requests and stories of overwhelming horrific situations. Today I want to remind you of one thing, light overtakes darkness. If you are in a dark room and you turn on the light can the darkness stay? No, light will always overtake the darkness. Darkness only stays when the light isn’t revealed.
In John chapter 16, while Jesus was addressing His disciples about His departure, He made an interesting statement. He said, “It is to your advantage that I go away.” He was, in essence, telling them that a season was coming to an end, but in a new season, they would have an advantage. This advantage of the Holy Spirit would be the power of God on earth and in them!
The Church must never lose sight of the fact that we have the advantage. A new season of power is entering the Church. This year in the political arena, the presidential candidates are all using the change. I believe that what we are hearing and seeking in the natural is a sign of what is also happening in the supernatural.
Change is coming to the Church
I don’t believe it will any longer be the church as usual. The new beginning for the body of Christ will change from the way we were doing things to a fresh, new dependency on the Holy Spirit. He is God the Holy Spirit now with us and in us on the earth revealing Jesus to the world. Jesus said in Matthew 5:14 that “He gave the light of the world”. He started a city that is set on a hill and it cannot be hidden. The new beginning and change coming to the Church parallels the life of the disciples before and after Pentecost. After Jesus death, the disciples were found hiding behind closed doors full of fear. However, that season was coming to a close and a new beginning was about to occur. They went in obedience to the upper room in Jerusalem and waited for the Holy Spirit to baptize them with power. The events of Pentecost were the beginning of what is now the New Testament Church. Their lives were radically changed and they became the light of the world revealing Jesus on the earth! Once hidden behind closed doors, they now became like a city set on a hill.
Society was well aware of the Church and it witnessed a demonstration of the power of God working through it. This power of God is the Holy Spirit that became their advantage in furthering the Kingdom of God on earth. The radical change was now evident in their lives. This was truly a new beginning they had never experienced before.
These 120 received the power of the Holy Spirit because of their obedience to Jesus command. He said not to attempt to do anything until you first go to Jerusalem to be baptized with the Holy Spirit and power.  For the most part, a true demonstration of the Holy Spirit and power has been hidden in the Church, BUT a new day is at hand.
The number eight represents new beginnings, and I believe that those who are willing to respond to the Holy Spirit will receive a dimension of power they never experienced before!
The new beginning and change in the Church today will become the light of the world, as a city set on a hill that cannot be hidden. Gods desire is not that His presence shines through us one day a week, but He wants us to reveal the light of His presence everywhere we go each day. Prior to His ascension, Jesus told the disciples that John baptized with water, but they would be baptized with the Holy Spirit and received power when the Holy Spirit came upon them. Acts 1

To be baptized reflects identification with someone. It was said that Israel was baptized unto Moses. Moses represented Israel to God and whatever Moses received from God Israel would now receive the same. When we are baptized into Christ, we identify with Him and we are viewed by the Father, as in Christ.
To be baptized with the Holy Spirit is to identify with the age of the Spirit. Under the old covenant, people did not have this privilege to live in the Spirit. However, today we have both the privilege and responsibility to live by the power and guidance of the Holy Spirit! We are now recipients of the inheritance of Jesus, made real and revealed by the Holy Spirit. God’s intention for the Church to release the Kingdom of God on earth is only accomplished through the Holy Spirit and power. If we are to express the Kingdom of God on earth, we must walk in the supernatural realm of the spirit in our specific callings and assignments.
We live in the age of the Holy Spirit and advantage. As believers in Jesus Christ we are indwelt by His Holy Spirit and power. We have been given power and authority as children of God to release the Kingdom of God on earth and to reveal Jesus to the world by the Holy Spirit in us. Through the centuries, the devil has attempted to keep believers ignorant of this advantage that Jesus said we would have. Those who are willing to embrace this advantage of the Holy Spirit will have the eyes of their understanding opened to what has been hidden to the natural man. I encourage you in the New Year to make a change in your life by embracing the Holy Spirit in His fullness and you will find new meaning to life. The intimacy that Adam and Eve once enjoyed with God in the Garden that was lost is once more available in the Holy Spirit!