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Aug 16, 2019

Releasing the Leader in You!

Scripture Reference Matthew 4:18-22

In the beginning of His ministry, Jesus approached twelve men and simply asked them to leave all and follow Him.  He was about to take these men and develop the leader that was already in them.  These men would have a tremendous impact on a nation!  The disciples would then reproduce themselves in other people, and these people would become great leaders and change the world around them!  This process actually began in the Garden when God created Adam and Eve and placed them in charge to rule, dominate, subdue and reproduce.  God’s intent from the beginning of time was to produce leaders on the earth!

There is a leader within every believer just waiting to be discovered and developed.  God created you for a predetermined purpose.  Your purpose is not to be the tail, but it is to be the head!  You may not feel like a leader.  You may not feel that you exist for a reason, but you are to be a leader in the area of influence God has for you.  It could be in your job, home, relationship, school, ministry, or community, but within you is a leader just waiting to be released!  This is important to understand because once you develop the leader in you, you will find that there are people in every realm of society who are waiting to follow your leadership!  It would be a tragedy to live your life and miss out on your opportunity to lead!

God’s design and plan to impact this world for Jesus Christ is for us to become leaders.  Leaders have followers who they develop and then the followers become leaders.  Our ability to bring change into society is determined by our willingness to respond to the time and opportunity in our life to rise up and lead.  Imagine if the great men and women in the Bible would have refused to rise up and release the leader God placed in them.  John Maxwell stated in one of his books that the most introverted person will influence 10,000 people in his or her lifetime.  Whether they know it or not, everyone is leading in some area of their life!  Every one of us has been touched in some area by someone else.  Often, when someone had a strong influence in our life, we would try to pattern our life after them.  That is exactly what God desires for us!  He wants Jesus to touch and influence our life so that we would pattern our life after Him and reproduce Jesus into the life of another person!  The harvest is white, but the laborers or leaders are few.  I believe it is time for you to develop the leader in you because people are waiting for you.

When Moses took his position as a leader, he found that two million people held captive in Egypt were willing and waiting for him.  How many people in your home, school, job, or community are doing the same, just waiting for you to come and lead?

Where do we begin?

I believe that Joshua exemplifies the characteristics of a true leader.

1)     He had a close relationship with God.

In Exodus 33, it says that Joshua was found in the tabernacle.  Joshua was a praying man and every leader needs to develop a strong prayer life.

2)     Joshua was obedient to God.

A true leader is not responding to God out of convenience, but he or she must respond out of obedience.  Joshua had an obedient heart when God spoke to him.

3)     He was of a different spirit because leaders aren’t influenced by others.

Joshua and Caleb did not identify with the ten leaders that feared and refused to enter the Promised Land.  Be sure that you are a leader who is influenced by God and always follow the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Where were his leadership abilities developed?  I believe in his home.  In the book of Joshua, chapter 24:15, Joshua said that his household will serve the Lord.  I believe that Joshua developed his leadership abilities in his home.  The Godly influence he developed in his home became the same influence he used to lead a nation into the Promised Land.  Joshua understood one simple principle about the home.  It is the foundation of leadership development.  When the home is in order, all else will be in order.  The people saw the credibility of his leadership in his home, and as a result, they trusted him to lead them across the Jordan River and into the land God gave them to possess.

There is a land in your life that God has given you to possess.  I encourage you to rise up and develop the leadership quality in you and begin to lead.  There are a people waiting to follow you to take them into their land of promise.  Don’t wait another day, because generations are waiting for someone to come and lead.  What the world lacks today is quality leadership.  Become the leader that God has destined you to become!